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Trust all your home improvement needs to Statewide Remodeling, including replacement windows, vinyl siding, patio enclosures, attic insulation, replacement doors, kitchen & bathroom remodeling. Serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Irving, Southlake, Colleyville, Grapevine, Plano, Allen, Frisco, Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, & San Marcos, Texas. All of our vinyl replacement windows, siding and sunrooms are beautiful & energy efficient and all of our windows qualify for the Energy Tax Credit.

Statewide Remodeling is not just a window company. Our window experts are trained to examine your home and tell you what needs to be done to make it more energy efficient.

We carry special products that will compliment the energy-efficiency of our exclusive restoration windows.

We have researched all major window manufacturers and we can show you the difference - not just tell you our windows are better. We will show you why they are better.

Also, ask our window designers about solar-tuning your home. Most companies don't even know what it is, and it can save you hundreds of dollars on your new windows!

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Getting the Patio You’ve Always Wanted with Your Dallas Patio Company Contractor

A patio is the best spot to spend a summer evening. When homeowners think about making home improvements, they dream of such things as passing a pleasant evening relaxing in their backyard, and maybe even dangling their feet in the pool.
In fact, Dallas Patio Company contractors do not take their job lightly. It is not only their job, but also their passion to make homeowners’ dreams come true. Dallas Patio Company contractors are very professional and bring to the job a wealth of experience in their particular field. Whatever kind of patio you desire, they will not only know how to design it, but also construct it, whether it’s a brick patio or a concrete patio. They can create additions such as a pool or garden to create a garden patio. The end results, including all materials and layout are ultimately up to you.

Patio Building and Materials Used by Your Dallas Patio Company Contractor

A patio is made by starting with a bottom layer of small stone chips, sharp sand, and cement mortar, and then covered over by concrete or stone slabs. They can be designed and built in any shape or pattern you desire. By investing some creative foresight into your patio it has the potential to be as comfortable and enjoyable as your living room.

Some people believe one patio is enough. There are some instances where having more than one patio is a good idea. If you have ample space and want to show off your beautiful yard, why create more than one patio space? Your Dallas Patio Company contractor will be able to show you how your new patios can exhibit the stunning landscapes available in your yard.

Platforms can add intriguing dimensions and elegance to your property, when connected with pathways of stone, concrete, or brick. Each patio can even have its own “theme” incorporated into the design. Beginning with a garden patio, for example, it can lead into a pool patio and then onto a brick patio designed for barbecuing or grilling, etc. For every one of your layout ideas, a qualified Dallas Patio Company contractor can help you to brainstorm, complete the design, and then build the final result.

The Panorama from Your Patio Thanks to Your Dallas Patio Company Contractor

Don’t forget there are some very important facts when you are planning the design and construction of your patio. Firstly, when you have guests on your patio, where will their attention be drawn? Secondly, how can you make that area into an attractive view for your guests? A professional Dallas Patio Company contractor can help you decide the best way to improve the view from your new concrete patio.

This answer will come to you easily if you’re lucky. Providing your guests with something interesting to look at is not a concern for you if your home already backs onto the romantic backdrop of a bluff or other naturally beautiful area. You and your Dallas Patio Company contractor would then likely spend your time working together on the aesthetics of your patio environment to create both a striking and pleasant design.

Don’t forget the possibilities of using diverse plants, as well as the techniques available to embellish the look of concrete, brick and stone. For example, it is possible to install flagstone in a specific pattern; sandblast designs onto concrete; or use specially carved bricks in the layout of your patio, and a skilled Dallas Patio Company contractor will be able to do t

Edging your patio and its walkways with bright and hardy plants can really enhance the charm and attractiveness of its setting. If your backyard is one of those with a view of only your own house, then maybe as your Dallas Patio Company contractor is hard at work on the patio, you can concentrate on your own designs for providing your guests more to look at The first thing to ensure is that you have a clean house, and then you can work with things like window boxes, curtains or flags, to embellish your house with color and decorations. There are certain things you can do, such as adding hanging plants, wind chimes, or yard lighting, in order to spruce up your outdoor patio.

What time of day will you most likely be using your patio? Think about the location of the sun and the level of natural shade that can be provided against it. Have your Dallas Patio Company contractor examine the current layout of your backyard and give you an idea of the ideal setting for your new patio. You may not notice that the left side of your house is more shaded than the right, but a Dallas Patio Company installer is trained to notice these things. Don’t forget that you can also create shade in your yard by the use of awnings, outdoor umbrellas, shade sails, or tall trees and shrubs.

Dallas Patio Company: Fitting Your Patio with the Size of Your Home

Have you ever noticed that some backyards feel small and crowded despite the size and beauty of the lawn? As often happens, homeowners who don’t want to overwhelm their yard will have an undersized patio installed by builders who follow orders without offering advice. Your Dallas Patio Company contractors can ensure that by working together with them, you will not end up with a cramped feeling patio.

Choosing the proper size for your outdoor patio is easy once you know what you plan on doing with it. Do you plan on having people over a lot on weekends, or will it be a place for you to quietly enjoy by yourself after work or on holidays? Make sure to talk to your Dallas Patio Company contractor about the plans you have so that the goal of your patio construction is clear for both of you.

A great way to determine how big your patio will need to be is by purchasing your patio furniture ahead of time. Set it up in the yard in the same way you plan to keep it once your patio has been constructed. Your Dallas Patio Company contractor can give you a hand in rearranging the furniture while estimating the correct amount of space between tables and chairs in order to respect the “personal space” of each future guest that will be Then, you can mark a generous outline for your predicted patio by using spray paint directly on the grass. Having more patio than you may need is much better than not having enough - and not only that but you will have eased the pressure off your Dallas Patio Company contractor by resolving the size issue before the project starts, rath

Constructing Your Dream One Brick at a Time with an Experienced Dallas Patio Company Contractor

Communicating with your Dallas Patio Company contractor is the ultimate way to achieve your perfect patio. Make your wish come true by calling a local Dallas Patio Company installation company and you will soon have your very own place to relax and escape from the outside world.

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Our new windows not only look better but have caused our air conditioner to have to work less during this hot weather. We appreciated the courteous and efficient workers who did the installation work. They installed all 17 windows the same day, which we appreciated very much. Statewide Remodeling did a good job for us.
Juanita G.
Approximately two years ago, we hired Statewide to install some window replacements and to also install vinyl siding in certain areas of our home. We were COMPLETELY satisfied with the results. Shortly thereafter, we had a problem with some of the vinyl siding being blown off the chimney area and when we called, the repairs were done IMMEDIATELY. Recently, because we were so satisfied, we chose to ask Statewide to install an additional 8 windows on our home. Once again, we were COMPLETELY satisfied. We had met Bob Simback from our previous window installs, and, once again, he and his aide, Bubba, performed to the best of our expectations. Our house and yard were completely clear of any debris and their workmanship and pride in what they were expected to do was certainly visible. During the inspection of these last 8 windows, the City of Plano had some questions regarding an arbitrary 24" clearance of windows to doors. At that time, I spoke with Mark (Service Manager) who assured me that all would be taken care of if the City of Plano did not approve the inspection. In the end, the City approved the inspection and all is well. Mark's commitment to "make it right" only reassured us that everything would be taken care of properly. Please know that we are VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMERS! We are willing to be one of your testimonials on your website if you want. Workmanship, customer service and commitment are what truly make you successful. We will continue to recommend Statewide to anyone we know!
Norma & Robert C.
Your staff completed the addition of a sun room to our home. When we initiated the order through Home Depot, we did not realize that we would be dealing with your firm. That turned out to be a pleasant surprise. From our first contact, Ray Collins, through office contacts, the able building teams led by Jason and Chad, Electrician Joe and Supervisor Billy Moss, we were impressed by some shared traits. Everyone treated us with courtesy, listened to our input, responded promptly to concerns and generally made the entire experience a pleasure. We were sorry to see them go. You've done a great job selecting and developing a staff that is customer-centric in all things. That alone would not have earned our approbation; however, they had to do the job right. From what we can see at this early date, they have. Everything looks great and works well. You have happy customers here.
Karen & Douglas R.